Hourly Contracts

Hourly Contracts


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What It’s All About

I started Morgan Web Development centered around the fact that in order to have a successful business online you need more than just a website. In fact, it is just one piece of a massive, ever changing, interconnected puzzle. Besides a website, in order to be successful, every business needs to have a Google Business, set up – integrated – and use digital marketing software to gather and nurture leads, build customer personas, accurately break down and analyze their analytics, constantly find existing digital solutions to their unique business problems, and the list goes on and on.

At an enterprise level each one of these tasks would constitute a full time job in and of itself. However, the good news is that for most small and mid-sized companies this can all be managed by one person, and doesn’t need to be a full time position as long as they have the experience and knowledge to handle it all.

Website Design & Maintenance 

Whether you need a new website(s) built, new components/functionality created and designed, or just routine maintenance. It is all covered without a need to worry about running out hours or multiple contracts.

Digital Marketing & Analytics

From integrating social media and digital marketing software such as Facebook, Google Ads or HubSpot, to building campaigns, generating reports and tracking success. You are always covered. Making your marketing strategy easier by being informed about only what’s important, while still knowing that your site is tracking users and working for your business goals. You will always know who is visiting your site, opening your emails, and that you are engaging your target market in the best possible way.


An affordable solution for your needs

I offer an assortment of different packages depending on the needs of your company. From fixed hour monthly contracts to unlimited hour yearly ones. For the fixed hour, your hours roll over, and you can cancel any time. Plus, to avoid any grey areas around design, marketing and maintenance, you can use the hours however you want.
5 Hours 500

per month

This option is usually best for people who are looking for standard analytic reports as well as basic maintenance for their site and minor changes when they come up.
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20 Hours $1,500

per month

This option is usually best for people who are looking for more in depth analytic reports with business recommendation, and need to make frequent minor changes and additions to their site.
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unlimited hours $15,000

per year

This options is best for people who are looking to consistently make minor and major changes to their site, and looking for an in depth analysis of their site and marketing analytics.
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Portfolio Samples

Due to the traffic of this site and out of respect for my clients analytics I don’t feature them on my websites, however, I am happy to set up a call to speak about past projects or case studies that are similar to your business needs. In the meantime, here are some snapshots of demos I have built in the past. 

Rest Assured – If you can think it, I can build it!

Just Looking For A Site?

If you aren’t looking for something so comprehensive and just want a website you can manage yourself. I offer single site builds that come ready to use out of the box. This includes installing plugins, integrating analytics, and setting up your marketing forms, and follows my signature design flow that eliminates all the frustration that usually comes with web design.

Current Capacity

I don’t outsource any of my work, so I have a limited capacity to take on new projects. And the single site builds tend to fill up quick, so if you’re interested contact me and we can start discussing your project.

Monthly Contracts
Single Site Builds