Developer Services

Developer services are the main service we at Morgan Web Development Provide. It is centered around the concept that many businesses need more than just getting a website built, but also do not need a full time developer to run and maintain their site. In an ever changing and dynamic work environment any time taken away from focusing on your actual business and spent on maintaining your website and the countless fixes and changes that need to be made, is money lost. For some businesses they don’t have the time, and for others, it just isn’t worth the effort, the time or cost. So, we fill in that grey area and provide the services of a developer for a fraction of the cost of a full time employee.

How is works is you will talk to a developer and after talking to you about your goals they will recommend either our standard or premium contract. The difference between the two is simply that the premium contract is for those who want or need a significant amount of custom coding. For example if you wanted a custom theme, plugin, or API built, then the premium contract would be for you. Otherwise they are the same.

What you get with our developer services really depends on what you need and what your goals are. It is designed to be a one stop shop for all your web needs. This means that we will take care of any updates or changes you need on your site. If you have a blog you need to post, just send us the text and images you want in it and we will create and publish it for you, SEO and all. If you need to make changes to your menu or homepage, simply send us an email, or call your personal developer and we will take care of it. Additionally we will set up and track any google analytics you may need, as well as advise on any digital media marketing campaigns you may want to run.

Our mission is to take away the worry and effort or maintaining your site and allow you to keep the focus on your business. For pricing or to speak with a developer, please book a free call for any available time on the calendar below. 

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