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What it’s all about

The Morgan Web Design Academy is built around the idea that you do not need a college degree in order to be successful. Structured around the WordPress platform and the Themify Ultra theme, we will first take a journey through some key concepts, then build this web school from sratch, and then finally go through the process of marketing it in order to give a full comprehensive picture of what it means to be a designer.

You can read more about my story and why I chose to start Morgan Web Design and eventually this school here, but ultimately I am simply a firm believer in working for yourself. Life is so much more than just a 9-5 and I also just personally enjoy the hustle. Because of this I want to pull back the veil on not just how to create websites  but dive into all the other intricacies that are involved in becoming a designer and working for yourself in a relatively laid back matter for those who may be interested. 

The difference in this course from so many others is that it should be treated as more of an informational resource than an outlined set of scholastic courses.  By the end of these courses you should be able go from knowing absolutely nothing about web design to being able to competently design websites and market them for potential clients.This school focuses on relevant practical information, taking a turn from technical discussion and highlighting on what is actually needed to work as a freelance designer in the real world. Because this some of the classes may be structured differently than you are used to. Some classes may have videos some may have written sections, and some may have both. It just depends on the content and what I feel is the best way to deliver it. Additionally, each class has a comment section for discussion and there is also a discussion form to talk about topics with other users and request additional courses. Finally, once you become a member of the school you will get access to all the content that is on the site as well as any that I will every create.

I hope everyone who joins this school finds the information useful and hopefully through its creation more people can have the opportunity work for themselves and find passion in what they do. 

Happy Learning!


Getting Started As A Web Designer
What is Web Design
What All Do I Need To Know
What Would Be Nice To Know
The Essential Tools
The Mindset You Need
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Getting Your First Client
Establishing Your Starting Point
Finding Your Niche
Creating Your Portfolio
Establishing Your Brand
Landing The First Client
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Domains & Hosting
What Is A Domain
What Is Hosting
DNS Settings Overview
Specifying & Changing Nameservers
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An Introduction To SiteGround
Packages They Offer
The Dashboard
Help & Support
Installing SSL Certificates
Creating A Subdomin
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A Guide To WordPress: Part 1
What Is WordPress
Uploading Themes & Plugins
Creating Pages & Posts
Managing Users
Creating Menus
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Building A Website: Part 1
Introduction & Overview
Installing The Theme & Plugins We’ll Need
Setting Up The Initial Structure
Creating The Default Styling
Starting The Homepage
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Building A Website: Part 2
Fixing Sticky Navigation Bar
Setting A Static Homepage
Setting Up The Navigation Bar
Creating The About Page
Creating Our First Class
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Building A Website: Part 3
Creating The Store
Setting Up The Memberships
Customizing The Cart Navigation
Customizing The Shop Page
Customizing The Page Header
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Building A Website: Part 4
Customizing The Product Page
Customizing The Cart Page
Coming Back To The Cart Slider
Customizing The Checkout page
Creating Custom Post Page
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A Guide To WordPress: Part 2




Child Themes

Key Plugins To Install

Building A Website Part 3

Creating More Classes

Creating Our First Course Page

Creating More Courses & Classes

Customizing mobile menu

Building A Website Part 4

Create Custom Page Header

Create Custom Post Header

Coming Back The Homepage

Creating User Page

Creating User Page

Creating the forum

Creating the class request page

Website Review & Completion

The Basics of Digital Media Marketing

What is digital marketing

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Social Media Campaigns

Email Marketing Campaigns

Content Marketing